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Illiteracy and low formal education make a larger portion of village youths and women need a special training.

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Training session in progress. Need better facilities.

Financial Literacy and Business Support

Rural women and girls are culturally restricted from going to school and are mostly illiterates.

PARD's capacity building , focusing on village women and girls.

Organizing and helping village people to adapt

Planning to solve a problem is done then those with reading and writing capacity continue. 

Capacity Building is a building block for rural development.

Service and Access

We try to help them  understand ways to solve their problems.

Access for Disadvantaged Women

PARD Trained Entrepreneurs

Access Enabled

People are trained and led to access financial services, making their dreams fulfilled and poverty eradicated.

Change Occurs

Change Achieved

People directed and led with right approaches can change.

Poor women really feel the effect of access

Access and Capacity Strengthening

Trained and money in her hands drives her to plan and generates profits 


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